Croxaphox 544

CROXHAPOX is an experimental art house and an open working place for contemporary art, situated in Ghent, Belgium. It was created in 1990 by Hans van Heirseele and Guido De Bruyn. Intended as a small non-commercial exhibition room, CROXHAPOX evolved through the years towards a multidisciplinary entity with a particular vision on content and a diversified exhibition policy. Today, CROXHAPOX receives any form of contemporary art and offers a working space for music, film, poetry and art criticism. In doing so, CROXHAPOX focuses not only on young or less reputed artists but also aimes at throwing some light on the importance of artistic research and content. In this way CROXHAPOX offers a large potential for experimenting.

CROXHAPOX has no commercial activities, nor does it represent any artists, art disciplines or genres, and for this reason is not to be considered a gallery.