[ A ] hors champ I [ A ]ll ready made (DE-construction)

[ A ] hors champ (ongoing since 2006)

collection of images of temporary architecture (under construction and/or construction) taken during walks in various cities.

[ A ] hors champ I [ A ]ll ready made (DE-construction)

re-taken as an in situ-installation during the exhibition at Nucleo, Lindelei, Ghent.

material : weathered wooden beams cut to size, variable dimensions. Tensioned between the frames of the windows, no use of nails or other mounting material.

It gave the impression that it was already present in the building, as if the windows had already been strutted. What could not be, of course, that would mean that the building was on the verge of collapse, given that these 3 windows are at the centre of the building.